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The Young Global Leaders ® Community is an accelerator for a dynamic community of exceptional people with the vision, courage, and influence to drive positive change in the world.

Our growing membership of more than 1,400 members and alumni of 120 nationalities includes civic and business innovators, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, educators, activists, artists, journalists, and more.

Aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private co-operation in the global public interest. We are united by the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a better future across sectors and boundaries.

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Meet our members

Bicheng Han

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BrainCo, USA

Bicheng Han is the founder and CEO of BrainCo. He is dedicated in the research and application using the technology of non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI). Bicheng found BrainCo in 2015, while he was pursuing his PhD degree at Harvard Center for Brain Science. The company has now grown into a world-leading brain-computer interface (BCI) company and the first unicorn among all BCI companies in the world. Their technology has been applied in multiple fields to help people with different needs, from neurological diseases like ADHD, Alzheimers, and Autism, to prostheses that help people with disabilities regain control over their body. For his work in BCI, he was awarded the “MIT Tech Review China 35 Innovators under 35”. Their product was selected as “Best inventions of the year” by TIME magazine.

Bhavin Shah

Partner; Head, Middle East and North Africa, Forensic Risk Alliance Ltd, United Arab Emirates

I am a senior consulting professional and a trusted advisor to Boards of Directors, CXOs, Governments, and Regulators. I have served clients across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America, and Europe.

My key areas of expertise are strategy development, business set-ups, transformations, M&A, restructuring, turnarounds, digital, complex regulatory matters, financial crime, public finance, and economic policies. I also have strong experience with financial performance improvement projects, balance sheet recapitalizations, Investor support, and cross-jurisdictional distress cases.

I mentor several Digital/FinTech start-ups in the region and have expertise in investing in venture, private and public markets. I hold an MBA and a Chemical Engineering degree and am an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Aakrit Vaish

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jio Haptik Technologies Limited, India

Aakrit Vaish is the Co-Founder & CEO of Jio Haptik, one of the world's largest AI companies. He founded the company in 2013 as Haptik, which was acquired by Reliance Jio Platforms in 2019 in a $100 million transaction, forming the new entity of Jio Haptik. Aakrit has been a pioneer in the conversational AI space, leading the wave of transforming customer experience digitally. Under his leadership, Haptik has powered more than 200 brands globally, including Whirlpool, HP, Zurich Insurance, Disney+, KFC & more. The platform processes over 4 billion interactions annually and is consistently mentioned as a top industry player by Gartner, Forrester & Everest. Haptik was named a category leader in Bot Platforms by G2 in their Spring 2022 report, based on a rating of 4.5/5.0 by more than 100 customers. Outside of Haptik, Aakrit is an active angel investor in startups in India, having made close to 80 such investments. He is a charter member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation and Co-Chair of H2 India. He serves on the boards of various technology startups, helping them with go-to-market, scaling & team building. Aakrit has been recognized by Entrepreneur 35 Under 35, Forbes 30 Under 30, and Businessworld 40 Under 40. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

Yousef Yousef

Chief Executive Officer, LG Sonic B.V., Netherlands

Yousef Yousef, with two decades at LG Sonic, has significantly impacted the green technology sector by advancing water quality systems and driving the company's global expansion to over 50 countries. His strategic vision has propelled LG Sonic from a nascent startup to an industry benchmark, earning worldwide recognition for environmental excellence.

As a leader, Yousef also spearheads a green-tech scale-up initiative with 500+ members, dedicated to merging the innovative energies of green startups with the robust resources of established companies. This role highlights his belief in collaborative, sustainable growth as a catalyst for environmental innovation.

Yousef's expertise extends to strategic roles, including his significant position in the board of the the European Innovation Council, a 10 billion euro EU fund. In this capacity, he influences the confluence of technology and eco-sustainability, shaping policy and guiding the tech industry's future. This role allows him to play a pivotal part in deploying substantial resources towards fostering breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions across Europe.

Mohamed Almaraj

Chief Executive Officer, ila Bank, Bahrain

Mr. Almaraj is the Chief Executive Officer of Bank ABC’s Digital Retail Bank “ila” in Bahrain, joining the bank in 2015. Before this appointment, Mohamed served as the COO of ila Bank. Previously, he played a key role in several Group level initiatives, including establishing Bank ABC’s DIFC office, launching the Debt Capital Markets practice, and the overall fintech strategy for Bank ABC. Before joining Bank ABC, Mr. Almaraj was a Senior Associate with the investment bank Perella Weinberg Partners in New York, focusing on mergers & acquisitions transactions and corporate restructurings in the technology, media, telecom, and financial services sectors. He has 13 years of experience in corporate finance, restructurings, fintech, and digital transformations across the GCC and the U.S. He holds a B.S. in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, United States.

Nasreen Ali Mohamed

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Afrikapu Ltd, Kenya

Nasreen is a social tech-preneur passionate about technology and inclusion of low income households especially women and girls. She founded Afrikapu to give disadvantaged women and youth a voice through business growth and help them be ambassadors of advocacy issues affecting their communities.

Her zeal to alleviate poverty and give marginalized women a getaway to life-changing opportunities, led Nasreen to start Afrikapu to introduce real, tangible impact into the Global Handicraft industry and uplift the lives of underrepresented women and girls throughout Africa’s conservancies and informal sectors, a sector that makes up to 80% of Africa’s economy.

With presence in Kenya and United Kingdom, Afrikapu offers artisans a holistic integrated approach by providing them with handcrafting skills training, access to credit to start independent income generating activities, provide global market linkages for their eco-friendly handmade products, and an e-wallets gratuity system to further grow their savings and effectively invest in their life goals such as purchase of property, children's education, business expansion / diversification.

Afrikapu leverages blockchain technology to provide transparency in the process and a more personal artisan to consumer connection.

Nasreen’s work has been recognized globally, earning her multiple awards alongside leaders from reputable organizations and platforms whose members have gone on to become Nobel Prize recipients, heads of state, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and Grammy Award winners.

Nasreen holds a Master of Science Degree from University of York, UK, an Executive Leadership certificate from Dartmouth College, USA , a Bachelors (Hons) Degree in Business Management from University of Sunderland, UK, an Advanced Diploma in Business and Law from Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Alexander de Carvalho

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Public Group International, United Kingdom

Alexander is the Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of PUBLIC, a venture firm he set up to help solve some the biggest technology problems across the public sector. PUBLIC is one of the biggest investors in GovTech companies in Europe across important sectors including Health, Social Care, Security, Policing and Welfare. Alexander is also the Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of The GovTech Summit. Prior to founding PUBLIC, Alexander worked for almost 10 years in private equity before spending several years building and supporting a number startups in the UK. Alexander has been a non-executive member of the board of Heineken Holding NV since 2013 and is involved in a number of philanthropic activities.

Tiffany Xingyu Wang

Chief Trust and Marketing Officer, OpenWeb, USA

An award-winning marketer and social entrepreneur, Tiffany Xingyu Wang’s deep technological understanding, digital trust stewardship and marketing prowess have positioned her at the nexus of the future of media, corporate ethics and the emerging community economy.

She currently serves as the Chief Marketing & Trust Officer of OpenWeb – a role that reflects her leadership in the field. The leading community engagement platform powers over 3,000 publishers and brands and is leading the way in creating trusting spaces for healthy conversations and diverse, engaged communities in the Web3 era. At OpenWeb, Tiffany Xingyu oversees marketing as well as the entire trust and safety P&L and is working closely with the company’s vast partner networks to scale market-leading best practices.

Tiffany Xingyu is also the President and Co-founder of Oasis Consortium. As part of the nonprofit created to define a digital sustainability model for businesses, she launched first-of-their-kind User Safety Standards for Web3, minting industry-backed consensus on digital safety early in the Web3 revolution and earning interest from TIME, MIT Technology Review and more. The momentum continues with over 20 platforms, including Roblox, Pandora, Grindr, Fandom, The Meet Group and Together Labs, pledging to the standards.

Tiffany Xingyu’s pioneering approach to marketing, innovation and advocacy serves as a model for future leaders looking to drive positive change at a global scale. She’s democratizing access to critical digital trust and safety knowledge through a first-of-its-kind LinkedIn Learning course for brand leaders. Active with global organizations that are elevating the dialogue around the future of media and the web, she is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, the Atlantic Council’s Trust & Safety Taskforce and a board member of AdCouncil.

Prior to joining OpenWeb, Wang was the Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Spectrum Labs, a leading contextual AI platform that keeps over 1 billion users safe online. She also holds two USPTO patents in machine learning applications for marketing.

Tiffany Xingyu stays abreast of blockchain and quantum computing technologies through investments and advisory board roles. She’s also a venture partner at Tribe, a Singapore government-backed blockchain accelerator, where she leads investor relations in the US.

Her leadership continues to be acknowledged within the industry and the global business community. She was recently on the cover of Adweek’s first edition of 2023 in the “Year of the Tenacious CMO” feature and her work has been highlighted in leading publications including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Digiday, and VentureBeat. With further recognition from Forbes’ Most Entrepreneurial CMO List and the CMO Club’s Most Innovative Awards under her belt, Tiffany Xingyu has solidified her reputation as one of the seminal innovators of her generation.

Vinati Mutreja

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Vinati Organics Limited, India

Vinati Mutreja is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of specialty chemical company Vinati Organics, where she has overseen an increase in revenue and market capitalization. She has been innovative in selecting chemical processes and products that are environmentally attractive. The jury of The Economic Times Family Business Awards chose Mutreja as the Outstanding Woman Business Leader for 2018. She was also named as part of Forbes India W-Power Trailblazers 2019 and The Economic Times Women Ahead 2019 list.