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The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community with the vision, courage and influence to drive positive change.

During a transformational five-year experience, YGLs are inspired to be bold in undertaking a sense of shared responsibility, impact and ambition.

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Stav Shaffir

Member of Parliament, Knesset, Israel

Member of Parliament Stav Shaffir is the youngest female parliament member in Israel's history. Now in her second term in Parliament, she chairs the Transparency Committee, as well as the Social Justice Caucus. In 2017, she founded the OECD's Forum on Integrity and Transparency and chaired its first meeting.
Shaffir led a reform for budgetary transparency and strategy, exposed the government's secret money transfers, and fought to end corrupt usage of tax-payer money. Shaffir is formally a journalist and peace activist, who became one of the leaders of the Israeli social movement that brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets in the summer of 2011, and became Israel's biggest-ever protest - focusing on housing, social services, equality and democracy. Following the protest and in an effort to continue the change from within, Shaffir entered politics. Before the 2011 protest movement began, Shaffir worked as an editor for Yedioth Aharonoth’s website and studied for her master’s degree in the Philosophy and History of Science and Ideas Department at Tel Aviv University. She has a BA in Journalism and Sociology from City University London, where she was the recipient of the Olive Tree Program scholarship, a unique initiative for young leaders from the Middle East.

Abdelmalek Alaoui

Chief Executive Officer, Guepard Group, Morocco

Graduate, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris; Master's, Economic Warfare School (École de Guerre Économique); MBA, HEC Paris. Currently, Chief Executive Officer, Guepard Group (www.guepardgroup.com), an African media investment holding. Chairman, La Tribune Afrique (www.latribuneafrique.com). Chairman, Huffington Post Maghreb (www.huffpostmaghreb.com). Columnist, La Tribune. Contributor, Forbes. Editorialist, Le Nouvel Observateur. Author of Intelligence économique et guerres secrètes au Maroc (2009). Co-Author: Le Maroc stratégique (2015); Une ambition Marocaine, des experts analysent la décennie 1999-2009; Le Maghreb dans les relations internationales (2011).

Maria Soledad Nuñez Mendez

Minister of Housing and Habitat, Ministry of Housing of Paraguay, Paraguay

Social entrepreneur focused on addressing urban poverty. Paraguay’s Minister of Housing and Habitat since October 2014. The youngest person ever appointed a Cabinet-level minister in Paraguay. Has overseen a dramatic increase in the production of social housing for low-income households. Responsible for coordinating the implementation of the country’s New Urban Agenda, leading the National Committee of Habitat, which includes more than 50 public and private institutions. Elected President of the Regional Assembly of Ministers and High Level Authorities of Housing and Urban Development for LAC. In the past, coordinated the implementation of a National Poverty Eradication Plan from the Technical Planning Secretariat in the President's office. Past-Director of TECHO Paraguay, a non-governmental organization that provides emergency housing solutions and promotes the active involvement of young people in the policy making process. Active member of the local hub for Gl obal Shapers. Degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Asunción, specialized in Project Management from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Alumni of the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University

Mi Wenjuan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, VIPKID, People's Republic of China

MBA, CKGSB. Close to 20 years of experience in the field of children’s English education, and is the first entrepreneur to receive global investment in education from NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. 2013, founded VIPKID, which currently is an industry leader and innovator in real-time online English language education for children, serving a community of over 500,000 paying students and over 60,000 teachers in the US and Canada; currently, Chief Executive Officer; launched the Lingo Bus of real-time online Chinese immersion learning classes. Together with charitable organizations such as Jack Ma Foundation and Tencent Foundation, dedicated to helping children in poverty-stricken areas so that they can have more access to language learning and the splendid cultures around the world. Director, Beijing Foreign Studies University. Member of the Advisory Council, Lead Foundation.

Shweta Punj

Senior Editor, India Today, India

Shweta Punj is a Senior Editor with India's largest and oldest political news magazine, India Today. She writes on political economy and is the author of India's first definitive book on failure, 'Why I Failed.'

She is also the co-founder of Whypoll, an organisation that has been instrumental in using technology and data to target women safety in Delhi.

Genki Oda

Chief Executive Officer, Remixpoint, Inc., Japan

Mr. Genki Oda is the famous serial entrepreneur. And he have changed the era in many meanings.

Mr. Oda founded his first company when he was the University Student. He sell-offs his business and invest many venture companies in Japan.

At that time, 2002-2004year, in Japan most venture capital required the venture company to show the phase 3 worth financial statements and the performances. But Mr. Oda thought it was wrong.

From his own experiences, most venture companies don’t have the performances. They just have the passion and plan , and they need the money. Mr. Oda invest for the entrepreneurs who don’t have the evidence or the performances even don’t have the company yet.

His work have succeeded and many venture capital imitative the start-up venture capital now. So, today in Japan the number of the venture company is increasing.

Second, he familiarized the concept of the Social Entrepreneur. He have donated and supported many NPOs and the social entrepreneurs and generated their activities through many media. He was the first member of the Ashoka Japan and the Social Venture Partners Tokyo-Bay.

With his works, today working in the NPOs has become one of the choice for the students.

Today, he challenge the revitalization for company and entrepreneurs. Most Japanese think the failure is critical and regard the failed people as a garbage. But he think everyone have a mistake and sometimes unfortunately one mistake is critical one. He want to change the mind for the failure.

He have revived the Remixpoint which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange markets and the market capitalization have raised from 400million JPY to 60Billion JPY in this 5 years. And the Remixpoint is the attention as the successful company.

Zachary Bogue

Managing Partner, Data Collective, USA

Zack is co-founder & managing partner of Data Collective (DCVC), a VC fund that backs entrepreneurs applying deep tech to transform giant industries. Data Collective’s portfolio includes Planet Labs, Tala, LendUp and Zymergen. Zack has over twelve years of experience in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, lawyer, advisor and angel investor in start-ups such as Square, Uber and Docker. Zack is also a founder and managing partner of Founders Den, an exclusive co-working space and clubhouse for experienced entrepreneurs. He serves on the non-profit boards of the East Palo Alto Charter School and The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Zack graduated with honors from Harvard University with an AB in Environmental Science and earned his JD with honors from Georgetown Law School. Zack is passionate about promoting nuclear energy.

Nighat Dad

Founder and Executive Director, Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan

Nighat Dad is a lawyer and the founder of Digital Rights Foundation which works to help Pakistani women fight against online harassment. She is a campaigner for online freedom and contributed to a law against acid attacks. She specializes in family law and cyber law and was named one of TIME magazine's next generation leaders. In 2016, she was awarded the Atlantic Council Digital Freedom Award and Dutch government's Human Rights Tulip award. She became TED Fellow in 2016 and spoke at the TED Global stage.

Halla Hrund Logadottir

Co-Founder, Arctic Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA

Halla Hrund Logadottir is the Co-Founder of the Arctic Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Founder of the Arctic Innovation Lab, established to encourage business and social innovation across the Arctic region. In her native Iceland, Halla serves on the advisory board to Iceland's Minister of Industry, Innovation and Commerce on Iceland's Energy Fund and collaborates with the country's senior leadership on Arctic issues. Halla is the former director of the Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University where she lectures on Arctic affairs. Halla is a frequent commentator on environment, energy, and innovation for the Arctic. She was one of the 15 invited writers in United Nations Chronicle's special edition on sustainable energy published in relation to COP21 and co-curates the World Economic Forum's Arctic Transformation Map. Among her other roles include being the Co-founder of Girls4Girls non-profit; a global mentorship program which aims to arm young women with the courage, vision, and skills needed to take on public leadership. Previously, Halla worked on an entrepreneurship training program in Togo, West Africa, on the "Aid for Trade Initiative," at the OECD in Paris, and as an EU and bilateral officer for Iceland's Minister for Foreign Affairs in Brussels. In 2016, Halla was selected as a Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellow through Harvard's Center for Public Leadership and earned an MPA degree from the Harvard Kennedy School. Earlier, Halla studied political science, economics and trade at the University of Iceland, the London School of Economics, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University..