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During a transformational five-year experience, YGLs are inspired to be bold in undertaking a sense of shared responsibility, impact and ambition.

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Genki Oda

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Remixpoint, Japan

Genki Oda is the serial entrepreneur. I have changed the era in many meanings. I founded my first company when I was the University Student. I sell-offs my business and invest many venture companies in Japan. At that time, 2002-2004year, in Japan most venture capital required the venture company to show the phase 3 worth financial statements and the performances. But I thought it was wrong. From my own experiences, most venture companies don't have the performances. They just have the passion and plan , and they need the money. I invest for the entrepreneurs who don't have the evidence or the performances even don't have the company yet. My work have succeeded and many venture capital imitative the start-up venture capital now. So, today in Japan the number of the venture company is increasing.

Second, I familiarized the concept of the Social Entrepreneur. I have donated and supported many NPOs and the social entrepreneurs and generated their activities through many media. I was the first member of the Ashoka Japan and the Social Venture Partners Tokyo-Bay. With my works, today working in the NPOs has become one of the choice for the students. Today, I challenge the revitalization for company and entrepreneurs. Most Japanese think the failure is critical and regard the failed people as a garbage. But I think everyone have a mistake and sometimes unfortunately one mistake is critical one. I want to change the mind for the failure. I have revived the Remixpoint which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange markets and the market capitalization have raised from 400million JPY to 100Billion JPY in this 5 years. And the Remixpoint is the attention as the successful company.

Tolkunbek Abdygulov

Governor of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan, National Bank of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Republic

Tolkunbek Abdygulov holds Master degrees in Banking from IUK(1999), MA degree in Development Economics, Nagoya University, Japan (2005), MPA from UNT, USA (2007) and PhD degree in economics (Kandidat ekonomicheskih nayk) from Economic Institute of the National Academy of Science Kyrgyz Republic (2014). Tolkunbek has worked as an economist at the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (Central Bank), as a consultant at the World Bank Headquarter, as a director of Informational Future Foundation (NGO), as a Chair of the Board of Directors of the Micro financial company, as an Expert at the Administration of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Head of Strategies and Program Service at the Central Agency on Development, Investments and Innovations of the Kyrgyz Republic, and as First Deputy Minister at the Ministry of the Economic Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic. Since 7th May 2014 Governor of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (Central Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic). Since August 2017 to December 2017 Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic. From December 2017 reappointed as Governor of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. Additionally Mr. Abdygulov works on part time basis as Associate Professor at Economic Department at the American University in Central Asia. In September 2013 Mr. Abdygulov received the National Prize for the young Scientists - Akyl Tirek. In September 2017 Mr. Abdygulov received the State award - Honorable economist of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Mamadou Toure

Founder, Africa 2.0 Foundation, Côte d'Ivoire

Inspired by the wisdom of his ancestors, Mamadou Kwidjim Toure believes that co-creating a better world is possible when diversity is nurtured and access to opportunities is evenly distributed. This philosophy was the driving force behind establishing Africa 2.0, a non-for-profit pan African civil society organization with the aim to create a sustainable vision for the transformation of Africa. Named one of the top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2014, Mamadou founded the Ubuntu Group in 2015 and built on his global network and investment savviness to launch socio-economic projects throughout the continent of Africa. His recent venture, Ubuntu Tribe, a digital platform promoting shared economy through tokenization of gold and other mineral ressources as a means for financial inclusion and wealth redistribution received in 2019 a distinction as finalist at the African Bankers Awards. In 2020, he was listed among the top 30 most influential in the world in blockchain technology. Over the past 20 years, Mamadou worked in instituons such as KPMG, BNP Paribas Investment Banking, IFC (World Bank Group) and finally General Electric as Managing Director in charge of Investments and Project Finance for Subsaharan Africa. He has worked on infrastructure, mining, banking, agriculture technology projects exceeding a combined value of US$ 25 billion, thus creating opportunities and hope for many people in Africa. Mamadou has been at the forefront of international high finance and remains a strong proponent for digital economy as an engine for emancipation and shared wealth creation.

Mamadou is a global citizen, passionate of culture, art and avid reader of history books, he continues to advocate for a bright future for humanity through pushing the boundaries. He believes in the power of collective action to build lasting enlightenment and prosperity. Mamadou went to the prestigious High School Lycee Louis Le Grand in Paris and holds MSc in Finance from EDHEC Business School (ranked global top 10 graduate school in Finance by Financial Times) and completed two education programs at Harvard Kennedy School on « Global Leadership and Public Policy for 21st Century » as World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2018 and « Public-Private Partnership » in 2010.
Mamadou is currently completing a course on Artificial Intelligence at M.I.T Sloan.

Christian Zeinler

Managing Director, Head of Strategy & Business Development, UBS Switzerland AG, Switzerland

Christian Zeinler is Managing Director, Head of Strategy and Business Development at UBS where he has reorganized the team structure. He is passionate about the people mission in his job and invests significant time in sponsoring and coaching colleagues while creating opportunities. Prior to UBS, he successfully launched and managed a convertible bond fund before working at McKinsey & Company. Zeinler was one of McKinsey’s Core Leaders in its Wealth and Asset Management practice, leading and driving its efforts and knowledge creation globally on Investment Solutions. As a Partner, he was able to shape the industry’s strategic agenda working with the global leading institutions in this space.

Burcu Geris

Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, TAV Airports Holding Co., Turkey

Burcu Geris has a degree in Business from Bogazici University and MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia Business School. Burcu has 15 years of experience in project finance, corporate finance and treasury. She started her career as a banker where she was involved in the financing of various privatization, infrastructure and energy projects between 1999-2005. She joined TAV Airports in 2005 where she headed Project and Structured Finance Department for 7 years. She became CFO of TAV in 2012 at the age of 34, the youngest woman CFO in Turkey and probably one of the youngest in the world. At TAV Airports, Burcu completed the financing and refinancing of eight airport projects totalling US$4.5bn. She played a significant role in the IPO of the company and various share sales transactions. Geris holds board member positions in TAV subsidiaries. She was selected as a “Rising Talent” in 2013 by Women’s Forum. Burcu has been voted “Best CFO in Investor Rela tions-2nd in Turkey” and 4th in Eurpoean Transport Sector by Thomson Reuters Extel Surveys in 2014. She is fluent in English and French. Burcu lives in Istanbul with her husband and 2 children.

Andrew Serazin

President, Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc., Bahamas

Andrew Serazin oversees a global portfolio including research on consciousness, creating AI to improve moral decision-making, and practical innovations to promote character strengths like humility, gratitude and forgiveness. An international expert on innovation in global health and development, Serazin led the creation of the Grand Challenges Explorations, which has funded over 1,000 projects and has been recognized as one of the most successful programmes in the history of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Cyrus Habib

Lieutenant Governor of Washington, Washington State, USA

2016, elected Lieutenant Governor, at the age of 35. Had previously served in the State House of Representatives and the State Senate, as Democratic Whip and a member of the Democratic leadership team. As Lt. Governor, he is President of the State Senate, serves as Acting Governor whenever the governor leaves the state, and oversees an agency whose key issues include economic development, trade, and higher education. Currently, Co-Chair of the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association. A three-time cancer survivor, has been fully blind since age eight. Parents immigrated to the US from Iran; the first and only Iranian-American to hold statewide elected office in the United States. Graduate, Columbia University, Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and Yale Law School. Former Editor, Yale Law Journal. Practiced law at Perkins Coie and served as Distinguished Lawmaker in Residence at Seattle University Law School. Truman Scholar, Soros Fellow, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Alix Zwane

Chief Executive Officer, Global Innovation Fund, United Kingdom

Alix is Chief Executive Officer of the Global Innovation Fund, a hybrid investment vehicle backed by leading aid agencies that makes debt, equity, and grant investments to accelerate evidence-based innovation that improves the lives of poor people. She has 20 years of experience advancing the agenda of evidence-based aid and international development as an investor, a social entrepreneur, and an innovator herself.

Alix has worked at the intersection of the evidence and innovation agendas from a diverse set of posts. She was the first employee and Executive Director at Evidence Action, a non-profit that develops service delivery models to scale evidence-based programs. Under Alix’s leadership, Evidence Action catalyzed school-based deworming for hundreds of millions of children around the world, and safe drinking water for millions of people in four countries. Alix launched Evidence Action Beta, an incubator for innovations in development. Alix has also advocated for evidence-based philanthropy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Google.org, where she set strategy and made investments to support new public service models that work for the poor and developed models for outcome-based grantmaking. She began her career in management consulting and was a member of the faculty of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at University of California, Berkeley.

Alix has published in Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and elsewhere. She previously served on the board of directors of Innovations for Poverty Action, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, and Evidence Action. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Born and raised in Colorado, she divides her time between Washington, D.C. and London.

Kerstin Forsberg

Founder and Director, Planeta Océano, Peru

Founder and Director of Planeta Océano, an organization empowering coastal communities in marine conservation. As a social entrepreneur and biologist with 10 years in conservation, has designed and developed dozens of environmental initiatives across Peru, including research, education and sustainable development efforts. These include building participatory platforms such as the Marine Educator’s Network of Peru, fostering community-based eco-tourism, researching shark and ray fisheries, and promoting policies for threatened species. Has served as a consultant for the intergovernmental, governmental, and private sectors, including UNESCO and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. As a public speaker, has presented in over 16 countries, including venues such as the Royal Geographical Society, World Economic Forum and in the context of the Ibero-American Summit. Key Partner Network member of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development. Has been recognized as one of the “50 World's Greatest Leaders” by Fortune and a “Next Generation Leader” by TIME, a top “30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur” by Forbes and one of the “10 leading social entrepreneurs in Latin America” by Univisión. Rolex Award for Enterprise Laureate, an Ashoka Fellow, Kinship Fellow and a NEAq Marine Conservation Action Fund Fellow.