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Aiken Zou Shasha

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AHA Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, People's Republic of China

Aiken Zou Shasha, the founder and current CEO of AHA Entertainment, is a renowned producer in the Chinese animation industry. She has successfully produced the highly acclaimed Netflix original animated series "Scissor Seven". Additionally, she serves as the Director of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association and has been recognized as a Young Innovative Talent by the National Radio and Television Network Audiovisual Industry. Aiken also holds the position of industry mentor for Animation Major at Communication University of China's Animation and Digital Art School. Furthermore, she is a member of Beijing Youth Federation, serving as Deputy Secretary-General in their Press, Publication, and New Media sector Working Committee. In addition to her roles within these organizations, Aiken also holds the position of Vice President at Shanghai Network Audiovisual Industry Association.

In April 2022, Aiken was honored with being selected as a "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum. Later in November that same year, she received further recognition from Boao Youth Development Conference where she was awarded with the honorary title of "2022 Boao Young Leaders and Young Creators".

As a talented producer dedicated to her craft, Aiken has made “Scissor Seven” into China's first-ever Netflix original animated work. The show has been dubbed in multiple languages including Chinese, English, Spanish French,and Japanese while offering subtitles in 29 different languages. It has gained immense popularity worldwide with viewership spanning across 190 countries and regions. Through her content creation efforts on a global scale, Aiken aims to convey stories centered around love and inclusion while breaking down barriers, misunderstandings, and prejudices among young people worldwide.

Ali Zuashkiani

Chief Executive Officer, Physical Asset Management Corporation, Islamic Republic of Iran

Ali Zuashkiani is Chief Executive Officer of the Physical Asset Management Corporation, a consulting company dedicated to improving asset management practices globally, with a focus on the Middle East and Iran. As a global subject matter expert in this field, he is a frequent speaker at international events on topics related to physical asset management, maintenance and reliability. Zuashkiani is also Director of Educational Programs at the University of Toronto Centre for Asset Management. In 2003, he co-founded Knowledge Diffusion Network, an organization that aims to promote collaboration between Iranian academics living abroad with the scientific community in Iran. Later, he became Co-Founder and President of International Association of Iranian Managers, which aims to improve management knowledge and practices in Iran and the Middle East. He was recognized by the President of Iran as the most distinguished student of Iran in 1999.

Mark Zuckerberg

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Meta, USA

2004, Founder, Thefacebook.

Alix Zwane

Senior Advisor, Global Innovation Fund, USA

Former Chief Executive Officer, Global Innovation Fund, a hybrid investment vehicle that makes debt, equity, and grant investments to accelerate evidence-based innovation that improves the lives of poor people. Some 20 years of experience advancing the agenda of evidence-based aid and international development as investor, social entrepreneur and innovator. Has worked at the intersection of the evidence and innovation agendas. The first employee and Executive Director at Evidence Action, a non-profit that develops service delivery models to scale evidence-based programmes; catalysed school-based deworming for hundreds of millions of children around the world and safe drinking water for millions of people in four countries. Launched Evidence Action Beta, an incubator for innovations in development. Has also advocated for evidence-based philanthropy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and, Began career in management consulting and was a member of the faculty of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at University of California, Berkeley. Has published in Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and elsewhere. Former Member, Board of Directors, Innovations for Poverty Action, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, and Evidence Action. PhD in Public Policy. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.