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Wang Guan

News Anchor and Host, China Global Television Network, People's Republic of China

Wang Guan is a News Anchor and the Host of “Dialogue at CGTN”. He also writes and hosts “Reality Check with Wang Guan”, a weekly digital show. From 2011-19, Wang was CCTV/CGTN’s Chief US Correspondent based in Washington DC, where he covered US-China relations from the White House and the State Department. He has interviewed dozens of world leaders in politics, diplomacy, business and academia. Wang has lectured at several US universities and think tanks on US-China relations, including Harvard, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins University. He has appeared on PBS News Hour, BBC Radio, RT and Al Jazeera. He has chaired/moderated events at the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and various government and businesses forums. He is a recipient of awards, including the Young Leader award from the National Committee on US-China relations, and has been named an “Asia 21” Young Leader by the Asia Society. With millions of followers on social media, Wang Guan is a leading Chinese voice on the global stage, analyzing geopolitical and economic events. As a former junior footballer, sprinter and national public speaking champion, Wang Guan is also a youth icon in China, avidly promoting athleticism, oratory skills and globally-mindedness among the younger generation.