Meet the New Class of YGLs

As 2020 starts with a new set of challenges and unknowns, we look to leaders who have the courage and capacity to bridge understanding of complex issues, innovate solutions to persistent problems, and guide movements to inspire us towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. The decade to deliver on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals is upon us; luckily, a growing number of responsible leaders are determined to realize their success.

Each year, the Forum of Young Global Leaders undertakes a rigorous process to identify the world’s most promising and compelling leaders under the age of 40. These individuals have track records of galvanizing innovation for positive change across civil society, arts, culture, government and business. They exemplify key traits of responsible leadership and commitment to addressing issues that need solving.

The list features an Olympic Gold Medallist and World Cup winner championing the rights for equal pay, a celebrated journalist in Africa, the youngest Prime Minister of Finland, and a human right's lawyer pushing for inclusive education and a vibrant civil society. Meet the new class here.