New Class

Marking 20 years of responsible leadership, we proudly welcome over 80 exceptional individuals into our community of outstanding leaders. This year's cohort, ranging from tech moguls to former athletes, brings together brilliant minds and passionate leaders from business, civil society, academia, government, and beyond. These responsible leaders will undertake a transformative 3-year journey, addressing global challenges and driving positive change. Join us in celebrating the new class:

5 YGLs in Japan

Toshiki Abe

Chief Executive Officer, Ridilover Co., Ltd., Japan

Toshiki Abe is a prominent social entrepreneur in Japan, representing Ridilover, the country’s largest platform connecting social issues with companies, organizations and individuals. As the editor-in-chief of Ridilover Journal, he plays a key role in shaping public discourse. Regularly featured on popular Japanese news programmes, including the highly-rated Morning Show, Abe actively engages with production teams, influencing programme content and setting public opinion agendas. His insightful commentary reaches approximately 12 million viewers weekly, contributing to the understanding of complex societal challenges. Recently, the company has been involved in the management of a $86.6 million fund, including the conduct of social impact assessments. Abe is a key player in building an impact economy in Japanese society through this fund. He also operates three other businesses at Ridilover. One is the educational tour business that provides trips to sites of social issues for junior high and high school students. The project provides students with physical learning about social issues through educational tours and has produced behavioural changes in 10,000 people a year (equivalent to 1% of the Japanese population of that generation) who have experienced the tours. There is also a training programme to develop corporate leaders who can learn across boundaries, from within the company to social issues. The third is companion business development support, in which projects are developed in partnership with companies, ministries and local governments to solve social issues.

Rina Akimoto

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vivid Garden Inc, Japan

Rina Akimoto is Founder and CEO of Vivid Garden Inc., a start-up founded in 2016, operating Japan's largest online farm-to-table marketplace, Tabechoku. The company's mission is to recognize the dedication of producers for their products, inspired by the experience of her family's agricultural business closure in her youth. Since its launch in 2017, Tabechoku has grown into a trusted platform with over 9,000 socially driven producers and over 1 million users across the country. The service has empowered producers in farm, fishery and other sectors to set fair prices and deliver rich stories, by directly connecting with users. Such connections foster customer loyalty and reduce food waste by adding value to non-market standard yet unique crops and products. Akimoto graduated from Keio University.

Masao Koyama

Head of Carbon Dioxide Removal, Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan

Masao Kayama has extensive experience in various roles and industries. As Head of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) in the Next-Generation Energy Business Group at Mitsubishi Corporation, he successfully launched the CDR business from scratch and has been leading investments and business developments in CDR technologies. In addition, he is Co-Founder of the NextGen CDR Facility, a groundbreaking global advance market commitment facility aiming to purchase over 1 million CDRs by 2025. Kayama’s expertise extends to carbon management strategy as Deputy General Manager of the Carbon Management Team at Mitsubishi Corporation. He actively contributes to national initiatives, serving as a member of the Study Group on Preparation of Carbon Credits for Carbon Neutrality under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and also international initiative as a Steering Committee Member of the CCS+ Initiative. Prior to these roles, he held positions in business development and M&A in the mining division of Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd and gained valuable on-site training as a mining engineer at Rio Tinto. His early experience includes working as a sales representative for battery raw materials at Mitsubishi Corporation.

Yurina Takiguchi

Economic and Business Anchor, Globe Eight Inc., Japan

Yurina Takiguchi is a business and economics news anchor with a strong influence in business and the economy. She has built a 10-year career as a news anchor, specializing in innovation, technology and the Japanese start-up ecosystem. Takiguchi has served as an anchor for TV Tokyo’s Morning Satellite and Nikkei CNBC, conducting over 1,000 executive interviews. She has also held roles as an Editor and Communications Director for Forbes JAPAN. Takiguchi has expanded her horizon beyond newscasting. She moderates major Japanese business conferences and serves on the board of directors of SBI Shinsei Bank and TerraSky. On both boards, Takiguchi is the only woman selected as Outside Director. She is the only outside director appointed to bring a mix of gender perspective, academia-business synergy and strong public relations network and messages. Takiguchi is also on the advisory board of the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Engineering. As Founder of Globe Eight, Takiguchi’s platform for content creation and production to help academia and companies in communications with society, she champions diversity and inclusion in acceleration of social innovation, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on society. Hers dedication to science and innovation led to the publication of 10 Future Predictions by Science Professors of Tokyo University in November 2023.

Committed to enhancing her global influence, she is pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Public Policy.

Sayaka Tanaka

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,, Japan

Sayaka Tanaka is a pioneering social entrepreneur and movement leader committed to closing the gender gap within Japan’s digital sphere, a nation currently ranking 125th out of 146 in the Global Gender Gap Report. In 2017, she initiated education programmes tailored for girls and gender minority middle and high school students. At the age of 28, Tanaka founded, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to addressing the gender gap in technology and progamming education. stands out as the sole entity providing hands-on programming education to female students while also advocating for governmental action to rectify the structural roots of gender disparity in Japan. Tanaka has emerged as a prominent figure in the discourse surrounding gender equality, influencing corporate, governmental and media spheres alike. Her expertise has been acknowledged by prestigious institutions, including appointments to advisory positions within the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Additionally, she has contributed her insights to women's empowerment boards at Indeed and L’Oréal Japan. In 2024, Tanaka was the youngest delegate of the W20 JAPAN, the official engagement group responsible for proposing policy recommendations related to women for the G20. Her remarkable contributions have earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Japan SDGs Award, personally bestowed by the Prime Minister, as well as recognition in Forbes JAPAN 30 Under 30 in 2020. Tanaka was honoured with the Business with Attitude award by for her exceptional dedication and innovative approach.'s impact extends beyond educational initiatives, with the publication of Me x IT = The Strongest Theory: A Guide for Girls & Gender Minorities to Work in IT in 2023, further solidifying Tanaka’s legacy as a catalyst for change in Japan’s technology landscape.