New Class

We are excited to welcome 127 Young Global Leaders for the Class of 2019. This year's class includes the most decorated Olympian female swimmer of all time, the founder of the first app providing advice on contraception in Bangladesh, the managing director of a leading supermarket chain looking to ban plastic packaging, and a female scientist whose work is revolutionizing batteries.

2 YGLs in Japan

Yasukane Matsumoto

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Raksul Co., Ltd, Japan

Yasukane started his career as a consultant in A.T. Kearny. While working on cost-cutting projects there, he realized the inefficiencies existed in the Japanese printing industry. In 2009, he founded Raksul Inc. with the vision to bring innovation to the printing industry.
In 2013, Yasukane launched, e-commerce platform specializing in printing by utilizing existing printing factories' excess capacity. In December 2015, he launched 'hacobell', a sharing economy platform for trucking services.
In 2018, Raksul Inc. was ranked first in "Startup of the Year" by Forbes Japan and is now listed on the Tokyo Stocks Exchange.

Genki Oda

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Remixpoint, Japan

Mr. Genki Oda is the famous serial entrepreneur. And he have changed the era in many meanings.

Mr. Oda founded his first company when he was the University Student. He sell-offs his business and invest many venture companies in Japan.

At that time, 2002-2004year, in Japan most venture capital required the venture company to show the phase 3 worth financial statements and the performances. But Mr. Oda thought it was wrong.

From his own experiences, most venture companies don’t have the performances. They just have the passion and plan , and they need the money. Mr. Oda invest for the entrepreneurs who don’t have the evidence or the performances even don’t have the company yet.

His work have succeeded and many venture capital imitative the start-up venture capital now. So, today in Japan the number of the venture company is increasing.

Second, he familiarized the concept of the Social Entrepreneur. He have donated and supported many NPOs and the social entrepreneurs and generated their activities through many media. He was the first member of the Ashoka Japan and the Social Venture Partners Tokyo-Bay.

With his works, today working in the NPOs has become one of the choice for the students.

Today, he challenge the revitalization for company and entrepreneurs. Most Japanese think the failure is critical and regard the failed people as a garbage. But he think everyone have a mistake and sometimes unfortunately one mistake is critical one. He want to change the mind for the failure.

He have revived the Remixpoint which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange markets and the market capitalization have raised from 400million JPY to 60Billion JPY in this 5 years. And the Remixpoint is the attention as the successful company.