New Class

We are excited to welcome 115 Young Global Leaders for the Class of 2020. This year's class includes a decorated Olympian and World Cup winner, the youngest Prime Minister of Finland, an accomplished and pioneering digital journalist in Africa, an advocate of social justice and reform in Nepal and a human rights lawyer fighting for an inclusive society in Ethiopia and beyond.

10 YGLs in Greater China

Tianshi Chen

Founder & CEO, Cambricon Technologies, People's Republic of China

Dr. Chen Tianshi is the founder and CEO of Cambricon, where he brings over 10 years experience in the fields of micro-processor architecture and artificial intelligence. Chen, a brilliant young scientist with a prestigious reputation, was awarded the Excellent Youth Award by National Natural Science Fund Committee, along with the Intel Young Scholar Award and the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of the China Computer Society.

Chew Shou Zi

Chief Financial Officer and President, International, Xiaomi, People's Republic of China

Shou Zi Chew is the youngest C-level management at Xiaomi, a technology giant in China. He has played a key role in bridging Xiaomi's product and capacity to the global market.

He Jin

Co-Founder and Vice President, Maimai, People's Republic of China

He Jin co-founded Maimai, the China-based professional and social-networking platform in 2013. Maimai has surpassed LinkedIn as the top player in China with over 60 million users. He is passionate about bringing and creating professional opportunities to a wider range of people in workforce.

Ying Jiang

Professor, Peking University, People's Republic of China

Ying Jiang is an exceptional scholar in physics at Peking University in China. His work in scanning probe microscopy, surface science, single-molecule physics and chemistry, low-dimensional quantum materials has been recognized by numerous international experts, including the World Laureates Association.

Stephanie Lo

Managing Director, Shui On Investment Company Limited, Hong Kong SAR, China

Stephanie Lo is Executive Director of Shui On Land and Shui On Management as well as Vice-Chair of China Xintiand. Her extensive experience and insights in the field has made her a driving force in moving the propery management industry forward in the region. In addition, Lo is also actively involved in projects geared towards closing the social gap.

Qiaomei Fu

Professor at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, People's Republic of China

Qiaomei Fu is the Head of the Ancient DNA Lab at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the leading science institution in China. Her work has reinvigorated research into the origin of humanity through ancient DNA extracting techniques and advanced, next-generation gene sequencing to decode ancient humans' genomes.

Fang (Miranda) Qu

Founder, Xiaohongshu, People's Republic of China

Miranda Qu is Co-Founder of Xiaohongshu, a trailblazing Chinese entrepreneur whose work has made a substantial impact on China's technology and lifestyle markets. Since co-founding Xiaohongshu with in 2013, Qu has a keen understanding of consumers and innovative mindset to drive the company and industry to great heights. Since its inception, Xiaohongshu has been a runaway success, growing to become China's largest lifestyle platform with a global community of more than 200 million users.

Weiwei Xing

Partner, Bain & Company Inc., Hong Kong SAR, China

Weiwei Xing is a Partner at Bain & Company. Based in Hong Kong, she leads the Asia consumer products practice with a particular focus on Greater China. Beyond her work at Bain, Weiwei devotes her expertise to advising non profits in operational improvement, strategic planning and fundraising.

Nancie Zhu

Anchor, Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd, Hong Kong SAR, China

Nancie Zhu, a leading bilingual anchor for Phoenix Television, hosts finance and current affairs programmes exploring economic and finance issues in China and abroad. As a dual-qualified attorney in Hong Kong and New York, she is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalpa Media, which advocates for awareness of legal and women's issues among students and young women in China.

Zhu Xiaoxuan

Deputy Director, China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, People's Republic of China

Dr. Zhu Xiaoxuan is the Deputy Director of China Science and Technology Exchange Center at the Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Zhu is an expert in national policy development and has been leading national level research policy development in the science and technology fields.