YLG20: Final Day Highlights

Thank you for joining us for the first-ever digital YGL Annual Summit! This has been an incredible few days, and we have so appreciated your support and encouragement as we tried a completely new format.

Over these past four days, we have revitalized our community spirit and developed concrete ways of working together. Action Labs produced new connections and potential for collaboration on best practices for the future of education, coalitions to promote green energy, and partnerships towards achieving the SDGs. Some of these, we will be able to take forward through our partnership with Accenture, which is offering our community the support of an accelerator program. You have shared the importance of hope, persistence, determination to resetting our future – as well as encouragement from a supportive community.

We are your supportive community, and we look forward to more digital programming from us (including our first virtual educational module, starting Monday!) to continue bringing this us together through extraordinary times.

Until next time! #ygl20