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The Young Global Leaders ® Community is an accelerator for a dynamic community of exceptional people with the vision, courage, and influence to drive positive change in the world.

Our growing membership of more than 1,400 members and alumni of 120 nationalities includes civic and business innovators, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, educators, activists, artists, journalists, and more.

Aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private co-operation in the global public interest. We are united by the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a better future across sectors and boundaries.

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Meet our members

Anushka Ratnayake

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, myAgro, USA

Anushka is the Founder and Executive Director of myAgro. She has worked in rural Africa since mid-2008, helping to increase market access for small-scale farmers. Prior to starting myAgro, she developed key components of One Acre Fund’s core operation model, created management-training programs and traveled across Africa and South Asia in search of innovations in the microfinance and agricultural sectors. Before joining One Acre Fund, Anushka was an early employee of Kiva.org and created the Kiva Fellows Program. Anushka received her BA in Literature from University of California, Santa Cruz and her agricultural training from smallholder farmers in Bungoma, Kenya. Anushka is considered a leader in digital solutions for smallholder farmers and is a featured speaker in many high profile events to lend her voice to financial inclusion, agriculture, gender inclusion and agriculture.

Yetnebersh Nigussie Molla

President and Co-Founder, Ethiopian Lawyers with Disabilities Association, Ethiopia

Yetnebersh Nigussie is an Ethiopian human rights lawyer who advocates for the promotion and protection of "all human rights, for all human beings." Nigussie has contributed to change perceptions on disabilities in Ethiopia and internationally. In September 2017, Yetnebersh was named a joint winner of the Right Livelihood Award, the "Alternative Nobel Prize". she is the co-founder of the Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development(ECDD). Yetnebersh currently serves as the president of the Ethiopian Lawyers with Disabilities Association (ELDA) and co-chairs the Ethiopian reconciliation commission

Badruun Gardi

Co-Founder and Chairman, GerHub, Mongolia

Badruun Gardi is co-founder and chairman of GerHub, a nonprofit social innovation firm that aims to develop creative solutions to the most pressing issues facing the ger areas of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. GerHub collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders to research & develop innovative interventions and to nurture a new generation of creative problem solvers. He is also creative executive at Salmira Productions, an entertainment production company focused on developing stories infused with thematic depth that spur important conversations about social issues and other challenges we face as a global community. Previously, Badruun served as executive director of Zorig Foundation, a leading nongovernmental organization in Mongolia working in the fields of governance, education, and community development. Badruun currently serves on the boards of The Asia Foundation, Arts Council of Mongolia, Mongolia Education Initiative, and Smart Air Mongolia. He is an alumnus of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program and the inaugural class of the Asia Foundation Development Fellows program. Badruun holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication from Stanford University.

Stefanie Kurniadi

Founder and Chief Operating Officer, FOODIZZ.ID, Indonesia

Stefanie Kurniadi is a passionate entrepreneur that build her company with strong purpose. Her passion in food brings her to build one of the most innovative F&B chain company in Indonesia nowadays. Her company, CRP Group (Citarasa Prima Indonesia) drive purpose in bringing happiness through food. With their DNA that always bring uniqueness and twist in Indonesia's top comfort foods. Mention their 1st brand in 2013, Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia has grown fast and grow strong in their loyal customers till now. Their 2nd brand, Warunk Upnormal that sells Indomie (one of the most popular instant noodle in Indonesia), toast, milk and coffee as "the new era of warkop (local coffee shops phrase)" has reshaped the industry overall. Their 3rd brand Bakso Boedjangan have build specific loyal markets and prove the sustainability. In total now CRP Group has more than 150 outlets all around Indonesia. With more than 3,000 employment supporting the business, Stefanie and partners still aim to be the biggest and most inspiring F&B company in Indonesia that bring happiness through what they do. More about the company www.citarasaprima.com :: More about stefanie: www.stefkurniadi.com

Veronica Ruiz del Vizo

CEO and Founder, Women on Stage, USA

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WOS. Veronica Ruiz del Vizo has led the communication strategist of global brands, advised Venezuelan foundations, celebrities and democratic organizations on digital strategy. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of Bootcamp Vero, Team Remoto, Amarillo and Dar Learning reaching more than 20,000 online students around the world only during the first year of the pandemic.

Chinny Ogunro

Chief Executive Officer, WellSpring Health, Nigeria

Dr. Chinny Ogunro is the Chief Executive Officer of WellSpring Health, an integrated care consortium committed to delivering quality, affordable healthcare at scale. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, WellSpring Health drives away from traditional isolated, vertically-funded health programs to, instead, provide solutions from a comprehensive, horizonal approach centered on facility-level change and networked clinics.

She is a co-founder of Africa Health Holdings (AHH), a healthcare investment and management company whose operations are born out of her doctoral research and her first company, CarePoint Hospitals and Clinics.

Chinny also serves as Director of Health Research at the Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa, a think tank spearheaded by Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, where her work has explored innovative business models for health care delivery in growth economies, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Chinny holds a Ph.D in Health Management (Technology and Operations Management, Strategy) from the Harvard Business School, a M.A. in Health Administration from Cornell University, and Bachelors degrees from Stanford University.

She has previously worked at Morgan Stanley, Veralon Partners, and provided long-term consultancy for the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health as well as multiple other development and partner organizations.

Jiang Ying

Professor, Peking University, People's Republic of China

Ying Jiang is an exceptional scholar in physics at Peking University in China. His work in scanning probe microscopy, surface science, single-molecule physics and chemistry, low-dimensional quantum materials has been recognized by numerous international experts, including the World Laureates Association.

Niki Kerameus

Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs of Greece, Greece

Niki K. Kerameus started her career as a lawyer on major litigations, such as Enron and the AOL-Time Warner. While in Government, she has served on committees dealing with e-goverment, constitutional reform, education and youth.

Henry Motte-Muñoz

Founder and Executive Chairman, Edukasyon.ph, Philippines

Henry Motte-Muñoz is the Founder of Edukasyon.ph, the largest EdTech platform in the Philippines empowering more than 8 million students each year with advice, soft skills training and academic support. He got his MBA from Harvard Business School, and previously worked at Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs. Henry’s work has been recognized by global and regional organizations including the WEF (YGL Class of 2020), Financial Times and IFC (Transformational Business Award 2017), Forbes (30 Under 30 Asia 2016) and Asia Society (21 Young Leaders 2015).