The Journey

The Forum of Young Global Leaders connects and inspires our members to lead responsibly towards a more inclusive and sustainable world through virtual and in-person programming. Through a tailored leadership development program and personalized offerings, members access new insights, skills, and connections to accelerate their work in the public interest. Becoming a YGL is an opportunity and a commitment; by engaging with us, YGLs become more responsible, strategic, and impactful leaders.


Through our hybrid virtual and in-person programming, YGLs access learning opportunities in partnership with top academic, business and social institutions, gaining fresh insights and practical training in areas such as public policy, energy and environment, and responsible leadership.


YGLs come together at summits, workshops and field expeditions where creative solutions and joint ventures are sparked. Exposure to new perspectives instils empathy and a sense of shared responsibility at a key juncture in their careers.


YGLs are motivated by one another and their joint leadership experiences. Our virtual and in-person programming spurs dynamic and diverse YGL community members to drive solutions to pressing global issues – and helps seed the partnerships needed to realize change.

The journey continues

When YGLs complete the programme, they are invited to join our Alumni Community to maintain engagement with the World Economic Forum, participate in alumni events, and support new generations of YGLs.

Alumni serve as stewards of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, helping to identify YGLs and mentoring new members. Our alumni are crucial to our community’s success, often providing support and guidance on collective projects and promoting the impact-oriented mindset of the community.

What our members say

I didn't realize at the time the impact it was going to have on my life. Becoming a YGL wasn't an award for past accomplishments, but an invitation to start a new journey committed to helping make the world a better place.

Rajiv Pant

I have met people from different sectors, organizations and countries, and have been struck by the overwhelming desire in the community to support and to champion one another. The community and programme are changing my way of thinking, my approach to work and are giving me a platform to develop my confidence as a leader.

Susannah Rodgers

Having spent so much time with people creating huge change in the world, I have been inspired to achieve more with my mission to cure paralysis in our lifetime. The YGL community is filled with role models, co-creators mentors and friends who have all lead to me to think bigger and get firmly focused on collaboration.

Mark Pollock

The YGL Harvard experience was a true learning journey in every sense of the word. What made the experience particularly unique was spending almost two weeks with some of the most brilliant people I have ever met and making new friends for life.

Nina Jensen